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Current Versions:
GsOS 1.2 (7/01/2014)
GsOS 2.0 (7/14/2014)

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Gigastrand OS 1.2 Release 07/01/2014
Gigastrand OS 2.0 Release  07/14/2014

Gigastrand OS Desktop Gigastrand OS Makes your PC better. Here's how:
  • It runs more efficiently.
    • Like a new pair of running shoes, it makes your PC faster.
  • It is more secure.
    • Skip the sanitizer, we're virus resistant.
  • It is better supported.
    • Call us for help - instead of your neighbor's kid.
  • It is more compatible.
    • Do something on your PC? Keep doing it!
  • It is EASY.
    • When we took off the nerd glasses our interface got more attractive.